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Forecasting and Transits in Astrology Explained

The Sky and the Gist of Astrological Timing

Huge upward arrow labeled Transits in astrology are about the stars in the great, glorious sky, and the wonder of it all. We can easily forget there’s a sky and get caught in tunnel vision when we spend all day inside of a building or glued to a digital screen. But there’s still something remarkable that can speak to us from the sky.

Astrology has a number of time-honored techniques for forecasting the timing of happenings here on the ground, and one of them is called transits.  It’s shorthand for tracking the movements of the planets in our solar system.  It’s about what’s happening with the stars in the sky.

It began with the ancients’ observations of the stars.

Here’s the gist of it. The positions of the planets in the zodiac signs are noted, together with their symbolic meanings.  Those positions and meanings are then compared with the symbols in a person’s birth chart and analyzed.

The result is an interpretation about what parts of a person’s nature and life will be calling for new choices and conscious effort.  In other words, heads up!  There will be signals from your world that it’s time for some of your ways of being to change and evolve.

Transit Cycles and Your Path Forward

Generally speaking, several of the symbols in your birth chart become ‘activated’ every year by transiting planets in the sky. They depict ways that you could develop. They also depict the types of situations that could be bringing that development about.

The transiting planets in the sky that activate the symbols in your chart have their own cycles of timing. The cycles start at various points during a year—not New Year’s Day!—and many continue into the following year before they complete. The cycles overlap.

What does that mean? Simply that changing your way of being is a gradual process that happens in stages, and that you can be going through different changes at the same time but not at the same rate. We all pretty much know this, and astrological charts reflect real life.

So during the course of a year, the ‘activated’ symbols in your chart mean that there is likely to be at least one situation, or different dimensions of the same situation, that is changing and not the ‘same old, same old’ anymore. You’ll realize gradually, or in some cases suddenly, that you need to call up some new effort, attitude, dormant ability, or behavior in yourself in order to make progress in making your dreams happen, or to help things turn out better for yourself. Each situation in your life will have its own story.

Pebble path spirals upward.Astrological forecasting can help you navigate your life path with greater skill. It’s a technique that looks at how transiting planets in the sky are impacting your birth chart. An astrologer can recommend how you could become attuned to cycles of change that apply to you. She can raise your awareness of the uplifting opportunities as well as the challenges and hard work coming up. She can explain the why behind them, what could be changing in you, and the kinds of attention and effort you could apply. She can also explain when the key turning points of progress are likely to be, and what you could aim for or expect at those points.

The ways you find in yourself to respond to the happenings in your life make a difference in how your situations turn out. So for the situations in front of you, what’s the next upward and outward place you want to reach? And what can you find in yourself to take you there?

However much you have already manifested, there is always more to explore, find and manifest. The cycles of the transiting planets attest to the stories that make up the bigger story of your winding and ever-unfolding journey to create a life you love.

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