Testimonials about Astrologer Eleanor Michelle

Working with Eleanor has been life altering. Through her astrology readings, I have defined my strengths and found clarity with my life path. In each session I learn how I can be my best and make the most of upcoming opportunities. For years I was not open to having an astrology reading because I was skeptical if there could be any truth behind it. After several of my friends had seen Eleanor, one who has known Eleanor for over a decade, they persuaded me that I needed to see her and they swore she would help me. I was truly amazed after my first session with Eleanor. Since, I have had many more sessions. Eleanor’s readings have been spot on with my personal history, personality and future events that have since happened precisely how Eleanor described. One session is not enough. I recommend getting the package of four if you desire to make the right changes in your life path. I am truly grateful for every session I have with Eleanor. What I take away from each session is self-empowering and life changing.
—Client Relations Professional
When my life felt in complete disarray and there was tremendous uncertainty, a friend suggested to me that I meet with Eleanor to get a better sense of my current situation and my future. At the time, I was at the brink of making a frightening yet courageous decision which would impact my life forever. I was desperate for answers and validation on why life had thrust me into such a difficult position. I wanted to know what lessons I was supposed to be learning from it all and if there was anything in my charts which showed that I would face this type of deception and adversity in my lifetime. I was also looking for some clarity into my future and assurance that the storm would pass and I would eventually find some peace.
Eleanor provided me with the tools, knowledge, confidence, and dates necessary to make the right decisions while preparing me for hardships which I would surely face down the road based upon those decisions I had chosen to make. Through Eleanor I gained a better understanding of myself and how to better use those gifts which were handed down to me from earlier generations. I found our sessions extremely insightful and always walked out of each one having a better sense of why I am the way I am and also reassured that the universe does not put us in situations that we are not equipped to handle. Whether you are looking to better understand a certain situation you’ve found yourself in or simply looking to better understand astrology and how it directly impacts your life and those lives around you, I could not chose a better astrologer than Eleanor to take this journey with.
—Director of Marketing
An astrology reading with Eleanor was recommended by a friend who knew I had several concerns about my divorce case and career uncertainty converging at the same time. I couldn’t tell you about the details of the charts she used, but instead took away the flow of events I could reasonably expect … and they unfolded as Eleanor explained! It was great to be able to anticipate situations or steps against me when I otherwise might not have, saving me a ton of stress. When my chart showed none of a certain kind of issue after a particular date, that’s what came to pass. In other words, when some things happened, I was able to not take them completely at face value, and wait for a background string of events to unfold and resolve my primary concerns. I was more mentally and emotionally prepared to face other events that would have been much more troublesome if they were a complete surprise. Highly recommended!
—Internet Technology Professional
I came to Eleanor feeling uneasy, as if I was in a transitional period of my life, needing to better understand myself in order to navigate through my circumstance. My initial intention was to get a better understanding of myself through my natal chart reading. There were hesitations, mostly my logical side wondering about the accuracy and legitimacy of the stars. These concerns quickly dissipated within the first twenty minutes of the reading. I gained clarity and confirmation around the obstacles I am to overcome and how to best use my inherent traits to lead a full, successful life. It was a calming, productive experience. I felt more relaxed and in tune with my life than ever. I came out of my sessions with a “to-do” list for my life (mental/physical/emotional to-do’s). Eleanor has an amazing energy; she naturally guides you to the answers you are searching for before you even knew there was a question posed. I would recommend this to anyone who desires a more comprehensive understanding of their basic self, the what/why/how you have become who you are, ways to improve yourself, and how to navigate through the ebbs and flows of the cosmic cycle, creating the most opportunity in your own journey.
—Management Professional
Eleanor has done my chart a few times throughout the past five years. Each time I meet with her, she is prepared with a wealth of knowledge and her intuitive nature opens doors in my mind, body, soul & heart. She has shared some difficult perceptions with me but her delivery is empowering and comforting. In fact, writing this is a great reminder that I’m overdue for a visit with her.
—Business Owner