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Five Benefits of Astrology That Boost Mindset

Astrology is an ancient mind-body-spirit technique. It connects you more deeply with the purpose and workings of your life. Here are five benefits of astrology readings that come from interpreting your natal chart. They can empower your mindset:

1.  Getting Custom-Made Ways to Handle Difficulties

Keys with antique shapes represent customized solutions.Perhaps you have an immediate pressing concern or even a personal crisis on your hands. Perhaps you feel dissatisfied by an issue that has been around for a while. Maybe you’re experiencing negative thinking or feeling stuck. Difficulties like these can be analyzed through your natal chart symbols. Whatever the problem, you need a way to solve it that will work for you. Consulting with me can give you the keys to that. It can shed light on the heart of the matter and on productive approaches for handling it. Having those insights can relieve stress and fortify your inner confidence in taking the next steps.

2.  Discovering More Dimensions to Your Traits, Abilities, and Talents

Colorful aura of a woman shows the benefits of astrology as seeing the many dimensions of the Self.Your astrological birth chart depicts your uniqueness. You have highly individual energies that are embedded with rich potentials. During an astrology reading, you can explore the things that would light up, motivate, and inspire your energies. There is always more to discover about your traits, abilities, and talents, and the personal accomplishments you could reach for. Here are the main planets in your chart that symbolize your energies and that are the building blocks of your talents:

Astrological symbol for the Sun.Sun – Your creative life force.  This energy animates your consciousness and gives you awareness of your individuality. It gives you the sense that your life has meaning, that you have a purpose here, and that your efforts matter. It is your evolving ego, and with it you can ‘shine your light.’

Astrological symbol for the Moon.Moon – Your emotional energy.  Moon energy encompasses your abilities and activities that are based on caring, food, home, a sense of belonging, empathy, expressing emotions, or imagination. It thrives on feeling cared about. It is your instincts, emotional needs and reactions, ways to nourish yourself, and more.

Astrological symbol for the planet Mercury.Mercury – Your mental energy. Mercury energy encompasses your abilities and activities that are based on talking, communicating, reading, writing, numbers, making transactions, planning, or working with your hands. It thrives on having a say. It is the nature of your voice, speaking style, thinking patterns, and more.

Astrological symbol for the planet Venus.Venus – Your love energy.  Venus energy encompasses your abilities and activities that are based on beautifying, designing, decorating, forming relationships, socializing, falling in love, or pleasure in life. It thrives on feeling loved. It is your nature in romantic love, your aesthetic taste, artistic ability, and more.

Astrological symbol for the planet Mars.Mars – Your assertive energy. Mars energy encompasses your abilities and activities that are based on taking action to get what you want, will power, physical exertion, competing, accomplishing, or working out. It thrives on action. It is your assertive ‘muscle,’ things that naturally motivate you, exercise you would like, and more.

3.  Seeing How to Work the Potentials in the Months Ahead

Path into the future through green trees of new possibilities.An astrology reading can heighten your awareness of where the potentials are for beneficial new experiences and successes. Envisioning the potentials can inspire you to stretch your wings! It can also help you to recognize opportunities more easily and be ready to devote energy to cultivating them. Likewise, I can offer tips to help you spot and avoid pitfalls. You can get more attuned to where the potentials are for challenges or difficulties so that you can be ready to meet them with a sense of purpose instead of negativity, and with strategies for handling them constructively. Visualizing the outcomes you hope for can energize your confidence about taking the next leg of your life path.

4.  Knowing How to Make Use of Cycles of Timing

Monthly calendar and pencil for planning ahead.Many developments that bring significant gains, losses, new situations, or new ways of being into your life unfold during planetary cycles of about nine to twelve months. These planetary cycles define the timing of things. They have phases that mark the arrival of new developments, a pull-back for regrouping, and a push forward toward full manifestation. Within these major cycles, there are other shorter cycles, such as the Mercury retrograde cycle. That one signifies shorter-term realizations or decisions. One of the benefits of astrology is learning how you could use the timing of these cycles to work on matters that are important to you. Being in sync with the flow of things can reinforce your confidence that you will be taking well-thought-out actions with good timing.

5. Making Cosmic Sense of “Why?” About Happenings in Your Life

Jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece.Have you ever just wanted a deeper answer to why something went the way it did? It could have been an event, a situation, the state of a relationship, or a pattern that seems to be repeating. If it left you with unresolved feelings, you can feel like there’s a missing piece of a puzzle. Through your astrological chart symbols, I can offer you a perspective about your matter that adds depth to your understanding of it. My readings call up what can help you heal and gently shift your emotions. Seeing clearly into the past as well as the future can renew your inner confidence in the spiritual purposes at work in your life.

Try a reading and experience some of the benefits of astrology for yourself!

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