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Astrology Readings

Hi, I’m Eleanor Michelle. You can have an astrology reading at my office in Union Square, New York City or by phone. Please note: All readings are currently by phone. My office is still closed due to COVID recurring.

Colorful astrological planets and stars artwork.Spend some time to gain insight for your path forward!

  • Purchase the reading you want below.
  • I’ll call or email to schedule you.
  • Afterwards, you’ll get a recording of our discussion.

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Included with your reading:
» A copy of your natal chart.
» In advance: my work on analyzing your astrological birth chart and forecasting charts.
» In follow-up: a downloadable mp3 recording of your reading sent to you by email.

Natal Chart and Current Potentials Astrology Reading

This is the astrology reading to have as your initial reading. It provides interpretation of your birth chart and a near-term 3- to 4-month forecast. We’ll discuss any main questions on your mind. If there’s a situation going on in your life, you’ll hear insight into whether there’s a fundamental change trying to take place, the possible timing of it, and where it could lead.

We’ll connect your individual nature with the symbols in your unique astrological birth chart. These symbols show your different types of energies, needs, and talents. You’ll learn more about the inborn potentials in them that you could unfold. On a spiritual level, we’ll talk about the purposes of your life force and soul.

We’ll look at a near-term 3- to 4-month forecast. You’ll learn about opportunities you could take advantage of and challenges you may need to meet. I’ll offer perspective and practical tips.

I strive to provide you with insight and understanding. To do that, I analyze several charts related to you in advance of your reading, including your natal chart and transits chart. But during your reading I translate all that into real-life terms, and won’t weigh you down with astrological jargon. An astrology reading can help you live your journey with less stress, more inner confidence, and useful strategies.
60-minute consultation: $200
90-minute consultation: $250

Natal Chart Reading:


Big-Picture Forecast Astrology Reading

This is an astrology reading about the general trend of opportunities and challenges coming up for you. Recommended for those who want a 6-month to 12-month forecast to gain insight into their present situations and path forward. We’ll put what’s going on in your life in the context of the types of change and growth cycles you’re in. What’s unfolding for you now calls out certain parts of your birth chart along with the ways that the cosmos is urging you to develop your life.

I’ll offer perspective about the directions in which things could go, and why. You’ll get food for thought and useful advice about things to keep in mind as the months unfold. This can help you plan and navigate toward your goals, be prepared to handle difficulties, and be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that your world sends your way.

My interpretations for this astrology reading include an analysis of your natal chart, transits, progressions, and solar return, which I do in advance of our meeting. A one-hour consultation allows for general trends and broad phases of timing, while extra time allows us to talk about more specifics.
60-minute consultation: $200
90-minute consultation: $250
2-hour consultation: $275

Big-Picture Forecast Reading:


Package of 3 Astrology Readings

This astrology reading package gives you a one-hour astrology reading once a week for three weeks (or however often you would like to have them within a three-month time span).

It provides a more thorough interpretation of your birth chart. We’ll discuss more fully the lived and potential expressions of your chart’s symbols.

It also gives you a 6- to 12-month forecast about the cycles of change and growth you’re in, with specifics about timing. I’ll offer perspective about the directions in which things could go, and why. This can help you plan and navigate toward what you want, be prepared to handle difficulties, and be ready to take advantage of opportunities.

Package of 3 astrology readings: $540 (Valid for 3 months from date of first reading.)

Readings Package


Half-Hour Phone Reading

Have a burning question? This astrology reading by phone focuses on your present situation and potentials for the near future. It also works well for looking into a specific topic. (If you are a new client, I recommend one of the 60-minute readings above if possible.)

30-minute astrology reading by phone: $105


Relationship Astrology Consultation

This astrology consultation is about the relationship dynamics between yourself and a significant person in your life. It could be your significant other, business partner, or someone else. We’ll look at the chemistry between your natal charts. We’ll explore your strongest bonds, plus areas of compatibility and ways to make the most of them. We’ll also analyze areas of tension or friction, their root causes, and constructive ways they could be handled.

We’ll also look at the third entity created by you both—the relationship itself. The kinds of energies you generate as a twosome are different from the energies you each express on your own. Your astrological composite chart, which combines both your birth charts, sheds light on the nature and purpose of your relationship.

60-minute relationship astrology consultation, with either one or both parties: $250


Disclaimer: Astrology readings and astrology consultations are for entertainment purposes only, in accordance with New York State law.

Scheduling and Policies

Getting Scheduled

    • Phone number where I can easily reach you.
    • Your birth data: the date, exact time, city, and state or country on your birth certificate, for the calculation of your birth chart. Time and location are really important for constructing a chart unique to you that can yield very specific insights. Also let me know the city you were in on your last birthday for the calculation of your solar return chart.
  • Then we’ll schedule your appointment. I will call or email you to set up a time. (You can reach me at 917.727.9890.) I will send you a confirmation email and if we are meeting in person it will include my office address in Union Square, New York City.

Policies for Consultation Services

Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice. If you need to cancel and reschedule your appointment, you may do so by giving notice up until 24 hours before your appointment. After that, you may cancel but a new purchase will be required to reschedule your appointment.

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I look forward to working with you!