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Empowering Approach to Astrology Consultations

Sun rising on horizon of a seashore in Scotland.Are you interested in finding ways to solve problems, manage change, or simply grow happier? Ways that are customized to your particular needs? Your astrological charts contain an appreciation of who you are and the many things you encounter as you live your life. I believe that the awareness you can gain from them is empowering.

Having an astrology consultation with me can help you to see more about what’s really going on in your situations and in yourself. That bigger perception can shed light on solutions and choices that will work well for you. An astrology consultation is an ancient mind-body-spirit technique that works by helping you tap into the intuitive, creative and constructive powers of your mind.

Focus Is on What You Want to Know

So what would you like to know? My consultations are helpful dialogues about the workings of your life that are on your mind. Here are just some of the specific things that a consultation can help you with:

figuring out how to handle a situation, relationship, or person;
managing a situation that’s stressing you or has caused a crisis in your life; or
getting to the bottom of a feeling, pattern, fear, or belief.

Here are some of the broader things that an astrology consultation can help you with:

gaining a rich awareness of your talents, abilities, soul’s purpose, and needs in a romantic partnership;
getting an overview of the upcoming future and how you could diminish the problems and maximize the good stuff.

Down-to-Earth Dialogue

During our consultation, I’ll:

listen to what’s on your mind and what you’re looking for;
connect your story with your astrological charts to see how the energies represented by the symbols have been expressed so far; and
offer insights for discussion.

I’ll give you clear, down-to-earth perceptions you can use. I’ll shed light on anything that seems to be blocking you or beyond solving. I’ll also bring in possibilities and options specific to you. We’ll talk through whatever you want to sort out and the understandings you want to have.

Practical, Emotional, and Spiritual Helpfulness

We’ll cover practical things you can do to make your life work better and get where you want to go. We’ll address the practical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your life according to what you need most. You’ll have lots of food for thought and be empowered to identify new ways you might look at, feel about, or take action on what matters to you going forward. You’ll be empowered to feel a clarified sense of purpose that energizes your everyday life.

Every astrology consultation you have will take you to a new level of perception and understanding. That’s because the meanings of your astrological chart symbols trigger the inborn intuition of your mind.

Astrologer’s Heritage as the Original Life Coach

Over 2,000 years ago, astrologers became the original life coaches, or personal advisors. It happened in the ancient city of Alexandria in Egypt. Scholars used esoteric knowledge about the design of the universe to create the system of horoscopic astrology. They calculated charts for individuals to give them advice about their lives. Their natal astrology technique spread rapidly to the West and the East and flourished. The natal astrology we have today still transmits ancient wisdom about purpose, meaning, consciousness, and choice, and can support you in creating a life you love.

Astrology Consultation by Phone or in New York City

My style is to offer understanding, encouragement, and heart-of-the-matter insights. You can have an astrology consultation by phone or can meet with me in my Union Square, New York City office. Visit my Astrology Readings page to choose the reading that would give you the help you need.


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