About Eleanor Michelle, Astrologer

New York City AstrologerI’m Eleanor Michelle, an astrologer living and working in New York City.

What qualities will I bring to your reading? I approach your consultation with a supportive and encouraging coaching spirit. I use down-to-earth dialogue to connect with your concerns and goals, and address the questions on your mind.

I bring an eye for sorting out perceptions and dynamics and a mind for problem-solving, so that you get the deepest insights that astrology can provide.

I am a certified astrologer with an NCGR certification. I draw upon extensive consulting experience as well as extensive study of modern and traditional astrology, and cross-discipline study in the subjects of mythology, folklore, psychology, metaphysics, and fitness. The passion driving all this is my long-standing interest in personal development.

Orange flame representing intuitive understanding.I believe astrology consultations are an excellent mind-spirit technique that complements the many body-mind techniques being practiced for well-being. Through astrological insight, you can expand your perception of your capabilities, inner dynamics, relationships, “issues,” life situations, significant events, and potentials yet to take shape.

The planets and stars are an extraordinary part of the design of our universe. The heightened awareness that can be gained through astrology is empowering. Awareness is a great asset to call upon when trying to solve problems and create a life that brings satisfaction.

My astrology readings are “inner traveling” journeys to see that facilitate healing and growth in consciousness. They spark intuitive comprehension, or inner “fire,” the part of the mind that “gets what’s really going on” and feels relieved to see the meaning of what’s been experienced. They are a mentally refreshing and empowering mind-spirit practice that can support your quest for well-being.