Astrology Readings – Insight into Your Path Ahead

Hello and welcome! I’m Eleanor Michelle. I offer astrology readings based on your unique astrological birth chart. See ways to best work your potentials in the months ahead.

Understand What’s Really Going On

Do you want to understand the “why” about things happening in your life? Or ways you feel? Do you want to “get it” on a level that rings true so you can better choose what to do?

Astrological symbols depict the heart of what’s really going on in what you’re experiencing. During your astrology reading, we’ll connect the meanings of the symbols with your current situations.

Move Toward What You Desire

  • See new ways to approach and solve problems.
  • Learn the timing for upcoming trends in your life.
  • See what may require proving yourself in the near future.
  • See where you may find prosperity and helpers in the near future.
  • Get a boost of inspiration.

Astrology Readings I Offer

  • Single astrology readings for whenever you need some insight.
  • Weekly astrology readings to support you in resolving an issue, reaching a goal, or delving into self-understanding.
  • Relationship astrology readings to help you clarify bonds and dynamics between you.
Symbols for the zodiac signs surround a globe.

What Can You Do with the Help of an Insightful Astrologer?

Business woman at her desk; career astrology consultations help you find career satisfaction.

Find Career Satisfaction

  • See advantageous next moves
  • Identify your many natural talents
  • Clarify your calling in life
Happy couple makes heart shape with their hands; relationship astrology consultations help improve love relationships.

Build Your Relationships

  • Identify your relating strengths
  • Resolve issues or patterns
  • Clarify your needs in love
Happy woman by the ocean at sunrise.

Achieve Personal Goals

  • Express more innate talents
  • Release insecurities or fears
  • Tap into innate motivation

Learn about astrological cycles of growth and change each year.

Empower your decisions with this insight.

How Astrology Readings Increase Perceptiveness and Confidence

Insight Increases Well-Being

Enjoy some quiet time focused on you.
Let the supportive dialogue refresh and center you!
Eleanor has an amazing energy; she naturally guides you to the answers you are searching for before you even knew there was a question posed.
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